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  • Transforming Networks Building an Optical Network Infrastructure

    The TRANSNET Programme is led by a world renowned research team at the University College London (UCL) in collaboration with Aston University and University of Cambridge. Our aim is to create an adaptive intelligent optical network that will form the backbone of the next generation digital infrastructure.

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  • Our Research

    TRANSNET research is developing and evolving and we're looking forward to generating research techniques tailored to optical networks operating in the non-linear regime.

  • UCL Optical Networks Group 25 year celebration

    Recorded presentations from our 2-day celebration workshop are now available. Check out the full agenda & recordings now!

TRANSNET is a £6 million Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded research programme. Our aim is to create an adaptive, intelligent optical network, providing capacity when and where it is needed to transform the next-generation digital communications infrastructure. The route to this will be through the development of intelligent, self-driving transceivers and machine learning techniques tailored to optical networks operating in the nonlinear regime! Our research goal is to introduce intelligence into optical networks - maximising performance, whilst also increasing robustness to future, as yet unknown, requirements.

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