Supporting Tomorrow’s Engineers Week

This week, TRANSNET members participated in two social media campaigns to support Tomorrow’s Engineers Week.

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, run by EngineeringUK, is an opportunity for engineering institutions, employers and schools to come together and show young people the importance of engineering careers. Now in its eighth year, the focus is always to bring engineering to life and inspire the next generation to consider a career in engineering.

Members of the TRANSNET team took part in two social media activities to support the initiative.

I’m An Engineer

The ‘I’m An Engineer’ campaign launched on Monday 2 November to celebrate engineers and their contribution to the world around us. Anastasiia, Tom, Ruijie and Polina, all from the Optical Networks Group at UCL, shared stories on social media describing the key skills that make them good engineers and what they find most rewarding about a career in engineering.

TEweek newsimage

This is Engineering Day

This is Engineering Day’ – 4 November – is committed to celebrating the field of engineering, and aims to show more young people what engineering really looks like, and how it could be an exciting and rewarding path for them in the future. The campaign is led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, in collaboration with Engineering UK, and is part of Tomorrow's Engineers Week.

This year, the theme was #BeTheDifference: a celebration of the engineering that shapes the world around us for the better, whether that’s by making our day to day lives easier or tackling some of our biggest global challenges.

Here’s our ‘This is Engineering Day’ social media story:

"The TRANSNET Programme aims to transform optical communications to create an intelligent network capable of supporting ever-increasing data demands, shaping the future of next generation digital infrastructure." 

Members of the team in the image, clockwise from top-right: Domanic Lavery, Polina Bayvel and Lidia Galdino.

This is Engineering small

This year alone demonstrates exactly why this research is needed. As many of us work, study and socialise remotely due to Covid-19 restrictions – putting pressure on the Internet and its services – we must make sure that technology can keep up to enable global access to reliable digital communication systems, now and in the future.

We are happy to support Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, showing that a career in engineering is creative, exciting and improves the world around us! Many thanks to the Tomorrow's Engineers and This is Engineering team for sharing their excellent toolkits and templates.