New TRANSNET paper reviews studies of Spatial Division Multiplexing

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TRANSNET Researchers at UCL have published a paper that reviews recent studies of the nonlinear interference in Spatial Division Multiplexing systems.

The Technique of Spatial Divison Multiplexing (SDM) has emerged as a solution to overcome the capacity limit of conventional single-mode fibres. However the technique introduces new limitations which must be addressed. This publication from the UCL team reviews a wide range of models and scenarios from literature that explore these limitations.

The UCL team of Authors are Filipe Ferreira, Eric Sillekens, Robert Killey and Polina Bayvel.

The paper was presented to the IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topicals Meeting Series (SUM) in August 2020. The full paper can be accessed here: 'Challenges in Modelling Optical Fibres for Spatial Division Multiplexing'