New publication explores the modeling and mitigation of fibre nonlinearity

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The recent work led by Professor Robert Killey and Daniel Semrau, members of the UCL Optical Network Group, is published in the Journal of Optical Communications and Networking.

The article looks at models which describe physical layer impairments caused by fibre nonlinearity, including inter-channel stimulated Raman scattering, in ultra-wideband wavelength division multiplexed signal transmission (signal bandwidths of over 10 THz). Such models and tools will allow mitigation of the physical layer impairments to be explored, and can be used for the studying and planning of optical networks. The paper presents the example of optimising signal launch powers, taking stimulated Raman scattering into account, using particle swarm optimisation and the steepest descent algorithm.

The full article can be found on the journal's site.
D. Semrau, E. Sillekens, P. Bayvel, and R. I. Killey, “Modeling  and mitigation of  fiber nonlinearity in wideband optical signal transmission”, Journal of Optical Communications. Networking., vol. 12, no. 6, p. C68, Apr. 2020