Dr Domanic Lavery to feature in a new book

Dr Domanic Lavery, Co-I on the TRANSNET Programme (UCL based), has a chapter featured in a new book by CableLabs, entitled Coherent Optics for Access Networks.

The chapter, on "Simplified Coherent Optics for Access Networks", is a collaborative effort between Domanic and former member of the UCL Optical Networks Group Sezer Erkılınç, now with HHI, Germany.

CableLabs are a not-for-profit cable R&D/standardisation lab based in Colorado, and for the first time have included coherent optics in an access networks standard. Simplified coherent optics are a promising way to reduce the cost of the coherent transmission systems, and make coherent access widely available. Coherent optics is a broad term for any optical communications receiver that uses a local laser as a phase reference for the received signal.

On the opportunity to contribute, Domanic said: "CableLabs are leading the way in the use of coherent technology in optical access networks, so I'm delighted that we were able to contribute our experience to this publication. I'm sure the book itself will be an excellent resource for anyone considering the use of coherent optics in short reach networks." 

The book is available from 15 November 2019 with CRC press

D. Lavery and M.S. Erkılınç, "Simplified Coherent Optics for Passive Optical Networks," Chapter 6 in "Coherent Optics for Access Networks," Edited by Zhensheng Jia and Luis Alberto Campos, First Edition, CRC Press (2019).