PhD student Kari Clark wins the EPSRC Connected Nation Pioneers competition

Kari Clark, PhD student and member of the TRANSNET team, was declared 'overall winner' in the EPSRC Connected Nation Pioneers competition, as well as winning the 'Intelligent Informatics' category. 

This year’s UK wide competition was open to all second and third-year postgraduate research students with the aim of recognising exceptional research contributions towards the development of a Connected Nation. 

The final assessment took place at the EPSRC Head Quarters on 17 October 2018, where Kari, along with his PhD supervisor Dr Zhixin Liu, Lecturer of the Optical Network Group and Co-Investigator on the TRANSNET Programme, presented a demo of their innovative research on the state-of-the-art clock recovery for data centre networks. 

Dr Zhixin Liu said: 

"The technique that Kari has demonstrated overcomes the long-standing challenge of time and clock synchronisation in machine-to-machine communications within data centres, it will be of significant impact to the world’s future data infrastructures."

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