Lidia Galdino is one of the Faces of Optica

TRANSNET investigator Lidia Galdino features in ‘Faces of Optica’ – an online portrait gallery celebrating Optica’s (formerly the Optical Society) global community.

In case you missed it, the Optical Society has recently rebranded to Optica. The transition reflects the people Optica serves and the extraordinary work they do to advance the fields of optics and photonics all over the world.

The exciting new name (and look) embraces change but supports the continuity and commitment of the organisation’s mission to serve as the leading global forum for light science and technology. 

Part of the Optica brand launch included an online exhibit of black and white photographs to celebrate the Faces of Optica and included amongst the beautiful collection of portraits is TRANSNET investigator Dr Lidia Galdino from the Optical Networks Group at UCL.

The gallery is a celebration of Optica’s global community and the work they do to solve societal challenges through light science and technology. The stories and images provide an extraordinary illustration of the people of Optica and the strength and innovation that emerges from its diverse community. The photographs were captured by multi-award-winning photographer Sam Barker, a regular contributor to the National Portrait Gallery. 

Alongside Lidia’s stunning portrait is her caption:

"Through its international leadership in the scientific field of optics and photonics, the Society generates, advances, and disseminates knowledge within our community. Foremost, it celebrates and supports the community through a series of programs and initiatives focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Its commitment to professional development, global representation, and growth opportunities to all of us make it a unique community that is continually working to build a culture where all members thrive!"

We could not agree more! 

Learn more about the other Faces of Optica on the Optica website.

Lidia Galdino has been a member of the TRANSNET Programme since 2018 and holds a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship. She is also a lecturer in high-capacity transmission systems at UCL.