TRANSNET presence at ONDM 2021

TRANSNET Programme members Lidia Galdino and Sam Nallaperuma are presenting papers next week at the International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling.

This year the 25th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling (ONDM 2021) is organised by Chalmers University of Technology and takes place from Monday 28 of June to 1 July 2021. The meeting is fully virtual and features an interactive programme of workshops, keynotes, and tutorials and invited and contributed talks that aim to address cutting-edge research in established and emerging areas of optical networking and their adoption in support of a wide variety of new services and applications. Please find details of our participation below.

Monday 28 June

Presenter: Lidia Galdino
Paper title: Challenges in extending optical fibre transmission bandwidth beyond C+L band and how to get there **Invited**
Authors: Henrique Buglia, Eric Sillekens, Anastasiia Vasylchenkova, Wenting Yi, Robert Killey, Polina Bayvel and Lidia Galdino
Abstract: Recently, we demonstrated a record single-mode fibre net throughput of 178.08 Tbit/s. In this paper, we model this experiment, investigating the main limitations and challenges behind this total throughput, together with the details of some approaches to overcome them, and an outlook for the future ultra-wideband network design and optimisation.
Session: Ultra Multi Band Communications
Time: 10:45 CET

Presenter: Sam Nallaperuma
Paper title: Parameter Optimisation for Ultra-Wideband Optical Networks in the Presence of Stimulated Raman Scattering Effect
Authors: Sam Nallaperuma, Nikita A. Shevchenko and Seb J Savory
Abstract: This paper studies the effects of channel launch power and topology parameters on performance for ultra-wideband optical networks in the presence of stimulated Raman scattering (SRS). Results exhibit significant throughput improvements for optimised per-channel launch power allocation over conventional uniform power allocation. Furthermore, the impact of network structural features on performance is investigated and a significant increase in throughput and a reduction in fibre installation cost are achieved by optimising network topology for two real world core networks.
Time: 11:55 CET

Presenter: Nikita A. Shevchenko
Paper title: Ultra-Wideband Information Throughput Attained via Launch Power Allocation (short paper)
Authors: Nikita A. Shevchenko, Sam Nallaperuma and Seb J Savory
Abstract: Maximised information rates of ultra-wideband (typically, beyond100 nm) lumped-amplified fibre-optic communication systems have been thoroughly examined accounting for the wavelength dependencies of fibre parameters as well as the impact of the inter-channel stimulated Raman scattering (SRS). If the tilted signal spectral profile due to SRS is supposed to be completely undone at every fibre span, the obtained results demonstrate the possibility to approach nearly optimal system performance by launching sub-optimal but practically relevant uniform power profiles.
Time: 12:35 CET

Thursday 1 July

Panelist: Lidia Galdino
Workshop: Female talent in engineering and photonics: the way up
Info: This workshop aims at identifying issues pertinent to the representation of women in scientific and engineering careers, dissecting challenges in nurturing female talent, and identifying strategies for retaining it. 
Time: 14:45-16:15 CET

You can attend ONDM 2021 for free, registration details are on the website, and includes access to all workshops, keynotes, tutorial talks, technical sessions, special events, conference proceedings, and recorded presentations!