Jess Phillips joins our External Advisory Board

Dr Jessica Phillips is the new Information and Communication Technologies Portfolio Manager for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. She now sits on the TRANSNET External Advisory Board, having replaced Luis Lopez-Bracey.

Jessica started her new role as EPSRC Information and Communications Technologies Portfolio Manager in February 2021 and looks after the following research areas: Networks and Distributed Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Radio Frequency, and Microwave Communications, and Optical Communications.

She is an organic chemist by training. She completed her MChem and PhD at Warwick University and graduated from the latter in 2018. Her research focussed on synthetic organic chemistry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Prior to joining EPSRC, Jess was a synthetic chemist and most recently worked in technical marketing for Croda HealthCare. Outside of work, she enjoys climbing and is currently looking out for a choir to join.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Jess on her new role and welcome her onto the TRANSNET External Advisory Board. We are convening for our annual EAB meeting in early summer and look forward to introducing Jess to the wider team then.

Many thanks also to former EAB member Luis Lopez-Bracey, who has taken up a new challenge within EPSRC, for his continued support and advice during his time with us. We wish Luis all the best in his new post and promise to keep you updated on our outputs and success stories!