Accepted papers for presentations at OFC 2021

Here’s a preview of the papers to be presented by members of the TRANSNET team at the upcoming OFC conference.

Experimental Study of Deep Neural Network Equalizers Performance in Optical Links
Pedro J. Freire, Yevhenii Osadchuk, Bernhard Spinnler, Wolfgang Schairer, Antonio Napoli, Nelson Costa, Jaroslaw E. Prilepsky and Sergei K. Turitsyn

Neural-Network-Based Nonlinearity Equalizer for128 GBaud Coherent Transceivers
Vladislav Neskorniuk, Fred Buchali, Vinod Bajaj, Sergei K. Turitsyn, Jaroslaw E. Prilepsky and Vahid Aref

Analysis of the Extremes of SNR Time Series Data Using Extreme Value Statistics
Josh W. Nevin and Seb J. Savory

Design Optimization of Uncoupled Six-core Fibers in Standard Cladding Diameter Using Artificial Intelligence
Xun Mu, Filipe M. Ferreira, Alessandro Ottino and Georgios Zervas

Parametric frequency comb generation using silicon corefiber
Ronit Sohanpal, Haonan Ren, Li Shen, Callum Deakin, Alexander M. Heidt, Thomas W. Hawkins, John Ballato, Ursula J. Gibson, Anna C. Peacock and Zhixin Liu

Performance of dual frequency comb channelizers for RF signal processing
Callum Deakin and Zhixin Liu

Fast and Uniform Optically-Switched DataCentre Networks Enabled by Amplitude Caching
Thomas Gerard, Kari Clark, Adam Funnell, Kai Shi, Benn Thomsen, Philip Watts, Krzysztof Jozwik, Istvan Haller, Hugh Williams, Paolo Costa and Hitesh Ballani

Clock Synchronized Transmission of 51.2GBd Optical Packets for Optically Switched Data Center Interconnects
Zichuan Zhou, Kari Clark, Callum Deakin, Petros Laccotripes and Zhixin Liu

Clock-Synchronized Clock and Data Recovery to Enable Sub-Nanosecond Optically-Switched Networks (invited)
Zhixin Liu and Kari A. Clark

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